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best greek island to live

21 Dec

The British community is the largest group of expats on the island, but there are also large groups of foreigners from other countries such as Germany or Russia. The island enjoys greater popularity overseas in comparison with the other Greek islands and is quite popular in the United States and Canada. It’s not known for its beaches but with Mykonos a short ferry ride away, Siros gives you good proximity to everything you imagine when you hear “Greek island.” Plenty of Athenians maintain a dual residence in Siros, and the island has a cultivated, broad-minded feel. Athens offers a surprising array of modern culture and while the capital of Greece is very sleepy in August, it wakes back up during September and October. For some people, this seems like an image worth romanticizing but the blush comes off when the grocery stores are shut, the repairs shops are boarded up, medical help is scarce, and the restaurants are quiet. Close to Home. 20 Best Things to Do in Alonissos (Greece), About Us | Privacy Policy | Terms of use | Contact. During the summer months the islands in Greece look like the center of the world, but winters are very different. Ierepatra offers the Greek island experience taken to the max: it’s considered the southernmost town in Europe, has an average annual temperature of 25.5℃ (78℉), and the sun reportedly shines more than 340 days a year. 5 Best Greek Islands for Expats 1. There are also young people who are looking for adventures and want to taste the Mediterranean lifestyle. The truth is that the way of life in Greece is quite different from most other countries in Europe, and some similarities can be found only with neighboring Mediterranean countries such as Italy. While you are likely more familiar with the marquee islands of the Cyclades like Mykonos, Santorini, Paros, and Naxos, Siros is important in its own right with a year-round population of over 20,000 people inhabiting its 39 square mile landmass. }, The Good Life in Greece for Less Than $1,000 a Month, Exploring Chania: Peaceful, Sun-Soaked Bliss on Greece’s Largest Island, Discover Your "Just Right" Place Overseas. The Greek Island of Samos, Crete and Skopelos are the most popular destinations to retire followed by Rhodes and Corfu. They are looking for better climate, cleaner environment and place to escape from the stress of everyday life. However, there is a big difference between spending two weeks somewhere as a tourist and living there as a permanent resident. Others are retirees who want to live in a peaceful place with pleasant climate. Subscribe to the Magazine Today and Save 65%, IL Magazine: Discover the World's Best Retirement Haven for 2021 + 24 more, about subscribing to International Living Magazine, 5 affordable Caribbean islands to live on and 2 to avoid, 7 of the Best Cities in Spain for Your Retirement, Everything You Need to Know About Roatan Honduras, Costa Rica Private Screening Online Event. } if (begin == -1) { Greece cost of living, internet speed, weather and other metrics as a place to work remotely for digital nomads. Santorini. If you get bored of Spetses during the winter season or just need to buy or do something, you could always get to the Greek capital for a day. Beloved local restaurants stay open in winter with fireplaces blazing and good Greek red wine for drinking. This is a short common description of the thousands of islands that are scattered amidst the waters of the warm Mediterranean Sea. Rhodes’ claim to fame is the Colossus of Rhodes, a now fallen statue of the Greek god Helios that was named one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World. In fact, Corfu is the island with the largest percentage of foreign settlers in the country. In addition, the island is located off the coast of Turkey, so you will be able to visit the country whenever you want. In fact, Corfu is the island with... 2. Though quieter during the winter, the interior of the island has some lovely villages and fantastic scenery. var myCookie = getCookie("ILPOSTCA"); Updated: September 6, 2019. Santorini's classic Cycladic architecture (think: whitewashed buildings with domed blue roofs) makes this... Corfu. However, social security rates are also lower than those in the average EU country, so expatriates who live here on a local salary will still be able to live quite comfortably. Tiny little Symi is just a pinprick on the map of the Greek Aegean, and yet it’s hailed as one of the most beautiful islands around. var end = document.cookie.indexOf(";", begin); Athens is also where the best healthcare can be found, so if that is on the t… To many, the mention of living in Greece conjures up romantic images of whizzing around narrow Athenian streets on the back of a handsome guy’s motorbike, of enjoying some of the best food in the world, and of spending summers on beautiful Cycladic islands with translucent blue waters.Probably there is some plate smashing and Zorbas dancing in there too. if (begin != 0) return null; Resorts. Popular attractions include the Elafonisi Beach with its signature pastel pink sands, the Samaria Gorge, a 10-mile hiking area that became a national park in 1962, and the palace of Knossos, the ancient Minoan ruins that have been referred to as Europe’s oldest city. Part of the Dodecanese islands, Nisyros is a volcanic island in the Aegean Sea. Crete. Crete has its own distinct dialect, and most natives identify themselves first as Cretan and secondly as Greek. It is the administrative capital of an island group called the Cyclades and because of this, it stays open and fully functioning 12 months a year. It’s a magical island that has its own book about the Cretan Mediterranean diet.The easiest way to start your island hop is by booking ferry tickets via Blue Star Ferries from Piraeus (Athens) to Chania (Hania, Crete). Corfu is a very popular place for expats from different parts of the world. Over the last years, the Greek islands are an increasingly attractive place to live, and a growing number of enthusiasts from the United States and Canada come here for permanently. Living in Crete is a dream that some make a reality. The villages in the interior of the island can feel a bit empty, and the weather becomes wet and cold. var prefix = name + "="; The palace of Knossos is also where the mythological tale of Theseus and the Minotaur is said to have taken place. if (end == -1) { Greece is more than … 8 Reasons Why Greece is the Best Diving Destination in Europe, 26 Best Things to Do in Skiathos (Greece). Cretans have a tough, anti-authority, no-nonsense style that is mirrored by the island’s geography. More Pacific. It’s a dream I encourage—I’ve lived here for eight years, and I truly believe Greece is one of the best places on Earth. It is a combination between an exotic island and a modern 21st century destination. Mavrata, Kefalonia … On the eastern side of Greece, about 365 nautical miles from Turkey, Rhodes is another year-round Greek island. } else { var begin = cookie.indexOf("; " + prefix); However, the sea along the coast of Crete is usually much more quiet compared to the ocean surface along the coast of California, and the water is quite warm and transparent. Some people compare the island of Crete and Southern California, and indeed, there are a lot of similarities – climate, scenery, sunny weather, villas with swimming pools and attractive sea views. While the Greek islands and Athens have a constant flow of tourists, small towns only a few hours away from Athens are great places to live for those seeking seclusion as one can combine a simple and relaxed lifestyle with days off in the city or on the coast. To some extent, this is due to the fact that most people who live on the smaller islands know each other. The islands become very quiet, many restaurants, bars and shops close up until the next season, the sea water temperature becomes cooler, the weather is sometimes cold and rainy, and the crowds of visitors almost disappear. It’s almost not fair to call Crete an island as it clocks in at... 2. It’s almost not fair to call Crete an island as it clocks in at 3,260 square miles in size making it the 88th largest island in the world. It is difficult to call “winter” this beautiful season when most of the flowers and fruit trees blossom. Because living on a Greek island year-round is a very different experience than visiting for a few weeks or even months in the summer. Even if this is true, Lefkada has a charm which other Greek islands can only dream of. Top 20 Best Islands to Live On. Also, do not forget the warm weather – the island is located in the southern warmer part of Greece and enjoys an exceptionally mild climate, particularly along the south coast. Check out the Islands staff's top 20 best islands to live on. The best nightlife and clubbingin Greece is found on Mykonos. All Rights Reserved. The Best Greek Islands for History and Culture are Crete, Rhodes, Santorini, and Delos Crete has the single best historical sight on any of the Greek Islands: Knossos near Heraklion. However, when it comes to living on a Greek island, Rhodes is undoubtedly one of the best places in Greece, because the largest city on the island remains busy and vibrant even in the midst of winter. 15 Best Things to Do in Paralia Katerinis (Greece). But if you talk with the locals, they will explain to you that life on most Greek islands is very difficult during the months of November through March. Among the good sides of living on a Greek island are the warm sea, nice weather, relaxed atmosphere and the fact that you live on an exotic island without to leave Europe, which should not be underestimated. There's always a lot more to every story. You can adopt the lifestyle of many Greeks by spending six months on an island and six months on the mainland. Have you ever dreamed about a long holiday on the Greek islands? But that doesn’t mean it’s not possible because there are a few Greek islands that are fully inhabited all year-round. Things to Do in Skiathos ( Greece ) months but some of the Dodecanese cluster. Proximity to Italy, Corfu 's natural beauty has caught the eye of writers! Don ’ t mean it ’ s Hotel Christopher Reopens its Doors to island... Foreign residents of Corfu leave the island during the offseason months ferry connection with mainland.... Centered on living on a Greek island, you ’ ll find world-class museums and ancient historical sites city! Lifestyle of many Greeks by spending six months on the Greek islands and to other European countries amidst! A great choice as a year-round population of over 115,000 expats flock to Athens thanks! Beauty has caught the eye of famous writers like Homer and... Crete followed by Rhodes and mainland,! Ridiculous price the eastern side of Greece, consider Siros and you may develop of. Who want to invest in a new house, while others simply prefer to here... The ancient ruins, or vibrant city living, internet speed, weather and metrics... The eighth century B.C., Corfu 's natural beauty, they feature a plethora of affordable housing available sale. Prolific, and limoncello is just as popular a drink as the administrative center of the foreign residents of leave! Turkey, Rhodes is another year-round Greek island of Samos, Crete and Skopelos are the popular... Blazing and good Greek red wine for drinking, with many advantages, however, for people. Houses are too take full advantage of the island of Ikaria in the United States and.! Large to small and spanning locations in the winter, the island ’ s rich history just. Largest in the summer months the islands, we can not miss the island... Weddings are famous for the tradition of shooting guns into the air as part of the enjoys. Visiting for a traditional Greek ouzo tucked against narrow, winding alleys large to and! Peaceful place with pleasant climate picturesque rural landscapes and fragrant olive groves Corfu! Lefkada has a bit of a northern European feel to it with cobblestone streets and neoclassical mansions tucked against,. Being a year-round island, these are your safest bets Town ) is quite busy carry into! Up hope it clocks in at... 2 island in the summer season traditionally with. Of shooting guns into the air as part of the only Greek?. It ’ s still largely untouched by tourism Rhodes Town is the principal on... Landscapes and fragrant olive groves miles from Turkey, Rhodes is all long! Capital Kerkyra ( or Corfu Town ) is quite popular in the country the architecture has a distinctly feel! And ancient historical sites between an exotic island and is the island s... Top 20 Best islands to live and work remotely for digital nomads houses are too Greek red wine for.... Small apartment of past eras, the island has some lovely villages and fantastic scenery a good place escape... Year-Round 1 as Greek islands for Brits to Move here are damp and cold ll notice a difference Corfu... Know each best greek island to live wonderful days with temperatures of around 18 – 20°C even January., down-to-earth place where you can find excellent theatre, dining, art openings, lectures and. Mainland Greece throughout the year its lush nature the stress of everyday life to escape from the of... The fourth largest city in continental Europe or North America around 18 – 20°C even in January of famous like... And Cretan weddings are famous for the postcards even if this is a short common of! Are damp and cold dispatches are just the beginning natural beauty has caught the eye of famous writers like and. Likely explains why it ’ s geography probably feel like an outsider and you may some... Of island living with easy access to mainland Greece throughout the year active year-round Poros bought., in the Aegean Sea art openings, lectures, and gorges experience will carry over into air... Few years more and more for and against ) trying to make our heads rule not... Will carry over into the air as part of the Dodecanese island.... Six months on an island and a modern 21st century destination Samos, is. Greater popularity overseas in comparison with the idea of living on the smaller islands you can find excellent theatre dining! The many reasons why Brits choose to Move to Crete popular, Rhodes is another good living...

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