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The Beginning of this Chapter

21 Nov

When you are a Junior Developer you must pay close attention to how your colleagues work, the way they try to solve any ”Bug” or situation within the project, who knows? Maybe in the future the client will ask you to do some similar tasks. We always need to research what we don’t understand, and be willing to learn new structures, since this technological world is constantly changing, and as a junior developer, we have so much to learn.

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Starting a job in a new place and be the ”New One” is a little difficult already, and asking a lot of questions can be awkward , but you must consider to investigate and constantly read articles to help you a little bit when you feel lost in the ”development world” but at least try to ask your colleagues and break the ice.

No matter where you work, if you’re Junior Developer, you will quickly learn how valuable teamwork is. By working together, we can learn about very complex systems, you´ll make progress more efficiently, and soon you will be bringing ideas to improve, bring value to the project and process, you will be “In your element”

Ever since I started working in Coding Hub, I realized that people here are very kind and they like to work as a team, you can ask any questions you have and they will kindly help you. It has been a rewarding experience so far, I have expanded my knowledge by learning new things every day, as well as strengthening my previous knowledge, practicing every day and improving myself as a better professional.